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You can use a store-bought variety or have the kids make their own. Have your children draw a picture on a sturdy piece of cardboard or Bristol board. Then use a pencil to outline puzzle pieces directly on their drawing. Cut out the pieces with a good pair of scissors, mix them up and get solving Bored at home? Us too. Get stuck into our epic list of actually fun activities, including streaming culture, movies, podcasts, games, workouts and learning #stayhomestayhopeful - At Home Leisure Activities. April 14, 2020. By Leigh Giacometti, LRT/ CTRS, Recreational Therapist. During this time of social distancing and quarantine it is important to remember to engage in healthy leisure activities. It is easy to get sucked into Netflix, TV, video games, and social media but it is more important to take time for yourself away from the screen. This. Creating art is a fun — and, let's face it — messy at-home activity. The crayons, the markers, the paint, and, for you brave souls who allow it, the glitter...To keep the beautiful mess contained, carve out a designated area. Include a flat work surface, and hang a peg or bulletin board for displaying your child's masterpieces

Turn off the electronics and start the fun with this list of easy, inexpensive, and fun family activities that you can enjoy at home. Make Forts out of cardboard boxes Your local furniture store is a great place to get large cardboard boxes that you can transform into life-sized playhouses and cars At-Home Activity Guide. En español Mar 16, 2020. Play promotes healthy development, even when you're stuck at home. Share. Share on Twitter; Share on Facebook; Share on LinkedIn; Share via email; Print; As more families face social distancing, self-quarantine, and school and work closings as a result of COVID-19, it's possible to feel stressed—not only about health issues, but also with. Fun activities to do at home with kids Art & Craft Activities Tint shaving cream with food colouring, paint the windows or glass doors (or the inside of the shower glass) then rinse it off Using butchers paper, trace a partner's whole body Cooking together is a fun activity. And also it is one of the top couple activities at home to increase the bond between both of you. Go online, find some interesting recipes, buy the groceries and then cook and dine without any hassles. You'd surely appreciate your home cooked food At home. Downloadable worksheets: Things we can find at home Level: elementary Age: 7-17 Downloads: 2641 : Prepositions and furniture Level: elementary Age: 7-11 Downloads: 1632 : At home Level: elementary Age: 3-14 Downloads: 1423 : LEISURE AT HOME - PICTIONARY Level: elementary Age: 9-17 Downloads: 1361 : The house- nice activity for kids Level: elementary Age: 5-10 Downloads: 1272 : LEISURE.

At-home activities Quick & easy projects curated for your kid's abilities! For ages 2-4. For ages 5-8. For ages 9-11. For ages 12+ Kitchen science experiments Turn your kitchen into a chemistry lab with minimal materials! For ages 3-8. For ages 9+ Printable STEAM activities from crates. Downloadable projects to keep your kids learning while you work (or rest). Learn & Play: The Strongest Shape. At-Home Activities; Dealers . Online Casinos | Online Casino UK | Online Casino Canada | Online Casino Australia | Free Spins. We've compiled a collection of free resources for you—parents, caregivers, educators—to share with the little ones in your life. From sample experiments that you can do in your home, to fun videos showcasing fantastic scientific effects, to word finds and.

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Fall Activities at Home. Cozy up to festive fall activities right in the comfort of home! Enjoy as alone time or with a group of family and/or friends. Carve a Pumpkin. Cannot leave pumpkin carving off a fun fall activity list! The most quintessential Autumn activity of all, pumpkin carving is a great way to channel those spooky and creative juices. Of course, this activity is enhanced by. Learning from home? We've got the essential advice and activities you need to bring the classroom home with you! Our team of expert parents and teachers is always hard at work to make sure you have the tools you need to keep your little ones building new skills and having fun along the way

Whether your kids are learning at home on a full-time basis or supplementing their classroom time with screen time, there are some wonderful STEM activities families can do at home. Some of these activities can be done in the great outdoors, where children can revel in the beauty of nature and parents can get some much-needed fresh air At-Home Activities For the next generation of creators Evo App & Experience Pack Download the Evo by Ozobot app on a tablet/smartphone. Complete the Experience Pack to code Evo with colors and earn stars! All ages • Compatible with most iOS/Android devices Download Experience Pack OzoBlockly Challenges (30+ Levels) Recommended devices: computer or large tablet At-Home Activities Read More Swap foot rubs or back massages with a loved one at home. Paint your fingernails. Give yourself a pedicure. Soak your feet. Do an at-home face mask. Place a grocery order. If you don't have a subscription, consider a free trial to see if it's right for you. Meal prep for the coming week. Make a holds list at the library ACTIVITIES AT HOME 1. Be flexible and patient. 2. Encourage involvement in daily life. 3. Avoid correcting the person. 4. Help the person remain as independent as possible. 5. Offer opportunities to make choices. 6. Simplify instructions. 7. Establish a familiar routine. 8. Respond to the person's feelings. 9. Simplify, structure and supervise. 10. Provide encouragement and support. 8 3. All 25 different activities for reading and writing I found very useful and I would use most of the like R and R, story talk , art full artist etc. and some activities listed under those 25 may not be suitable or fit for my context like TV or using television to stimulate reading type activities because most of the schools or at home of students may not have TV

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  1. AT-HOME activities PRINTABLE COLORING SHEETS | AT-HOME EXPERIMENTS | ONLINE SCIENCE QUIZZES. Being home from school doesn't mean kids have to stop learning or using their imaginations! Scroll down to discover our STEM themed coloring sheets, at-home experiments and interactive quizzes! PRINTABLE COLORING SHEETS . Click on an image to download a printable PDF. AT-HOME EXPERIMENTS. Here are some.
  2. Need some activities to do with your children at home? PTN's Physical Therapist Laura Vargas came up with 15 activities to do at home with painter's tape to.
  3. Girls Who Code | Join 300,000 Girls Who Code today! Stroke 1. Code At Home Activities. Free computer science activities for students, educators, and parents. We release activities bi-weekly— some online, some offline, of varying levels of difficulty. Each activity features a woman in tech who pioneered innovative technology
  4. Learning resources. 54 results. Clear all filters. Filters. Museum. Locomotion 50 National Railway Museum 50 National Science and Media Museum 49 Science and Industry Museum 51 Science Museum 54. Key stage. Early years (under 5s) 1 KS1 (age 5 to 7) 14 KS2 (age 7 to 11) 29 KS3 (age 11 to 14) 30 KS4 (age 14 to 16) 8 KS5 (age 16+) 2. Subject
  5. Stay At Home Date Night Ideas: 1. Have a game night for a date night at home. We LOVE game nights! It's one of our favorite ways to have a date night at home. We will usually open a bottle of wine, set out a cheese board, and challenge each other to a bet

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Our list of Boredom Busters includes over 100 fun (and mostly free) activities that you and your kids can enjoy at home. This handy list can easily be printed and placed on the refrigerator - a great way to have instant ideas when boredom strikes At Home Activities A selection of meaningful activities for people with dementia, families and carers. 2 Staying Engaged in Activities As dementia progresses it can become challenging to continue activities that were once enjoyed, and the person may become more dependent on in-home activities. It is important to remain independent, active and engaged in meaningful activity to prevent boredom. Outdoor Activities to Do at Home - Free Outdoor Activities Checklist. The outdoors is a giant blank canvas where anything can happen. Kids can run, laugh, jump, skip, swim, and just be for all hours of the day. Sitting and playing in the sunshine is one of my favorite memories growing up and it was such a simple and easy thing to do. I'm always encouraging our kids to get out and do. This fun activity for kids at home is exciting during the holiday season. Then here we go. This is easy to do in the backyard by setting up some creative challenges. Of course many projects to do at home involve cleaning. Here how you can help your child. Here are 31 easy science experiments using common household items. Even the family dog will want to get in on this. 70 Activities to Do with.

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  1. erals, forces, space, gases or other science related topics there's something for everyone. Become a science explorer and see what you can find! Colouring-In Activity. A-Z Queensland Animals - Spend time.
  2. This is one of the enjoyable couple activities at home. You can opt to watch random movies or select a theme that suits both of you or even load movies of your favorite actor. Buy some popcorn, drinks and settle down on your cozy sofa for a long time of uninterrupted fun. 3 Create playlists of your favorite songs . Another fun and old-school activity to do. Now with the advance of technology.
  3. Crosswords or puzzles are more fun to do as a team. You can do puzzles together. Steve Mason/Getty Images. Crosswords and puzzles are great home activities because you can put your full focus on them, or you can do them passively while you watch Netflix . Plus, there are many crossword apps, so you can enjoy brain teasers without lifting a finger

STEM at Home Kits require some materials you may not have readily available in your home. You can order the materials for your family; a PTA can also order materials to package the activities for families. Use our Excel Spreadsheet to select, budget and create the STEM at Home Kits. Alka-Rockets. Launch a homemade rocket using a chemical reaction Curriculum-Aligned Packs For Teachers & Parents to support students through home learning. Free COVID-19 Home Activity Packs :: Teacher Resources and Classroom Games :: Teach This 2022 Personalised Planne 24 At-Home Learning Activities to Share with Parents of Young Children. March 17, 2020. As schools close due to COVID-19 concerns and new guidelines on social distancing take effect, many parents are home with their young children—and looking for new ways to keep them occupied while building on the skills they've been learning in the classroom

12 activities to keep your kids' minds and bodies moving. Here are some ideas for fun, and educational, games to keep kids busy, whether inside or out. Please share your ideas for things to do with kids at home in the comments section. Math activities. Instead of worksheets, build numeracy skills through play. Here are some fun ideas to work. Our at home activities will bring out your inner innovator. These fun DIY engineering and at-home activities can be put together with inexpensive store-bought materials or objects you find around the house. Adults, consider having your learners gather the materials first as part of a scavenger hunt. Remind them to be creative about what could be a fastener, connector or decoration! We've.

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  1. At-Home Activities for Kids. Every week we'll send you fun activities you can work on at home with your kids, as well as well as informative articles and podcasts about play and learning at home during this time of social distancing. Activities Email Sign-up. Search by Keyword: Search by Age Range: Search by Category: More. A Conversation About Food Allergies and Increasing Allergy Awareness.
  2. 4-H at Home Activities - 4-H at Home provides critical learning resources for kids and teens while they're home from school during COVID-19. Explore this page to receive hands-on, educational activities, including our latest 4-H at Home Activity Guide and Shop 4-H curriculum to help inspire young people to do, learn, and grow. 4-H Healthy Living Activity Guide—Explore and try 30 healthy.
  3. Fun Activities To Do @ Home. Launch rockets, build a Moon Habitat, solve spacey puzzles and more! These science, technology, engineering and math activities are fun for kids, adults and the whole family
  4. As we spend more time at home, we want everyone to have fun and learn something new. Simply download and print out our papercraft colouring guides and enjoy! Create and enjoy! Papercraft Tokyo 2020 Mascots. Download and print out the instruction guides below to create your own papercraft of the Tokyo 2020 Mascots Miraitowa and Someity. Be extra careful when you use scissors or a cutting knife.
  5. Healthy Activities to Do at Home. Share: Classroom; Fostering healthy behaviors, staying active, and eating nutritiously at home are vital for children's development for many reasons, in addition to the obvious. Practicing health at home: Helps build resilience and the ability to better manage stressors; Helps prevent disease and boosts the immune system ; Reinforces lessons learned at.
  6. Using the wellbeing activities The activities in this workbook are designed to give students themselves, as well as parents and carers and school staff suggested ways of supporting your students' wellbeing - either at home or as part of classroom activities at school. Given that schools know their students and communities best, your child's school is best placed to guide you about what.

You teaching him at home doing activities like the ones I have posted on this site will supplement Preschool and prepare him for Kindergarten. If you decide that you have storytime events and family events, etc. that give your child enough interaction with other children, then you could even skip preschool. I don't know your child and his skill level right now, but there are developmental. Stride Rite | At home activities for kids. Home explore explore at home activities. Activities at home with. Stride Rite & friends. Download our latest activities to have some fun at. home! Also, perfect to print and bring on-the-go Kids: Things To Do At Home. These resources are designed to help children of all ages explore topics in American history. The majority of the resources on this page are for school-aged children. Check the side bar for links to Smithsonian resources and activities for early learners. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

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This is THE LIST of easy activities for kids stuck at home. Look no further - these 35 activities will help you break up the days while the kids are out of school. RELATED: Looking for other indoor activities? I have a list here! Activities don't need to be fancy!! Kids don't need outrageous activity set ups right now or for us to spend. Indoor activities for toddlers are a must when you're stuck inside. These are my top 10 easy and fun toddler activities to do at home. Enjoy Numeracy @HOME - activities, tips, and information to support young children's maths learning in everyday activities. Numeracy - families working it out together - helps families and carers of young children (early years) encourage numeracy by looking for opportunities in everyday situations. Maths at our house - ideas for maths activities at. Grades K-4 | Grades 5-8 | Grades 9-12. NASA Science at Home -- From formal lesson plans to amazing imagery and stories about how science and exploration are lifting our world. There will also be ongoing opportunities to chat and interact with scientists directly. NASA's Space Place -- videos, activities, crafts and more for kids The best part about these life skills activities is that they start to introduce kids to functional life skills while also providing huge strengthening and coordination benefits. 20 Functional Life Skills Activities for Home. Create your own checklist, or use our FREE Interactive Digital Functional Skills Checklist

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Welcome to Computer Science Unplugged! This is a collection of fun and engaging activities that enable children to explore fundamental ideas in Computer Science, without having to use a computer. Traditionally these activities have been designed to be used with school classes and larger groups, but we've got many ideas for you to try out if you're at home At Home Activities. Fancy showing off your creative football flair in the house - without breaking any ornaments or plant pots? Get stuck into some of the National Football Museum's family-friendly activities. Check out the full line-up of workbooks, craft activities, colouring sheets and how-to walkthroughs below. We always love to see what football goods you produce. Be sure to show us. Hello everyone! Here is our second video of cooking a duck at home with friends. Hopefully , you enjoy watching our simple activities on cooking skills. Plea.. Math at Home. Math at Home is a collection of K-5 activities that families can do together. A new set of activities in English and Spanish will be released every few days! Working with Data (Grades K-5) in English and Español. Fractions and Decimals (Grades 2-5) in English and Español. Counting (Grades K-2) in English and Español Whether you're social distancing, learning virtually or back at school, kids can explore the world of flight at home with United. We've captured the STEM principles and creativity that are synonymous with aviation and travel and put them into 14 grab-and-go lesson kits for three different age groups. Print out the packs or assign the activities.

Looking for some home activities for the kids (or yourself)? Break out the colored pencils and jam out to the music of your favorite Universal experiences with our Spotify playlists. For more creative inspiration delivered to your inbox, sign up for our emails. Relax and Color. Universal's Volcano Bay Coloring Pages > Stream the Sounds of the Parks on Spotify. Woah at Home Playlist > Universal. There's still plenty of Aquarium fun to experience, even from inside your home! Published March 12, 2020. News. Check out the aquatic activities below, and don't forget to tune in to our livestreams for an up-close look at our Blacktip Reef exhibit, blue blubber jellies and residents of a Pacific coral reef Looking for help with preschool learning at home? Here are some reading and writing activities that take little paper or prep and can fill your home with letters, sounds and word fun Activities for Toddlers (that are easy to do at home!) Sensory Play Ideas for Toddlers . If you're looking for sensory play ideas for your baby or toddler then you'll find our huge range of sensory activities HERE.This collection includes sensory activities, bins and bottles for all seasons and special occasions too

Cade at Home - CADE MUSEUM. Everyone says that necessity is the mother of invention, but at the Cade, we see inventions born from all of these Mothers of Invention: Necessity, Curiosity, Imagination, Iteration, and Serendipity. For lessons, we'll include everyday things you can use at home for activities, plus step-by-step videos and. Each activity is written to support your at home learning, as well as connect your child to the natural world. Keep an eye out for activities, crafts, lessons and events to be added over time. During a time when the COVID-19 epidemic is touching all of our lives, we're proud and glad to offer our at home learning to you Student At-Home Activity Packet This At-Home Activity Packet includes 22 sets of practice problems that align to important math concepts your student has worked with so far this year. We recommend that your student completes one page of practice problems each day. Encourage your student to do the best they can with this content—the most important thing is that they continue developing their. Space and science activities you can do with NASA at home, including video DIY tutorials for making rockets, Mars rovers and Moon landers out of materials you have lying around - or templates you can print out. Plus, tips for STEM learning at home for families

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Home » Everyday actions » At-Home Rainforest Activities for Kids. Article At-Home Rainforest Activities for Kids. Filed Under: Everyday actions Last updated March 26, 2020. Share. Facebook. Twitter. Linkedin. email . We can all agree that self-isolating with our families is a small price to pay for helping slow a global pandemic. But that doesn't mean it's easy. Parents around the world. And we're in it together! So I put together this list of fruitful and fun activities to do at home to spread the positivity around. Play Chess . If anything can motivate us to learn how to play. If you're bored in isolation at home, here are some fun suggestions of what you can do while at home during lockdown or if you've been pinged. From learning new skills to Marie-Kondo-ing your. Learn at Home: Grades 6-12. This curated collection of activities can be adapted for students in grades 6-12 in a remote learning environment. Explore the planet through interactives and short lessons or take a deeper dive into a subject area with a complete unit Best Exercises You Can Do at Home Without Equipment. 1. Yoga. No matter your needs or abilities, there's probably a yoga style out there for you. If you're looking for gentle stretches, you can try a calm, relaxed style like hatha or yin. If you're looking for something a little more intense, try a power yoga session

15 Stress-Reducing Activities You Can Do at Home, According to Experts. William Heckman 2020-05-01T07:27:34-05:00 May 1st, 2020 | Daily Life | These fun and effective ideas will help when anxiety is getting the best of you. I don't know about you, but even in normal, not particularly chaotic times, I know when I'm stressed—my shoulders tense up and fuse with my ears, my digestion gets. Welcome to Learning at Home Families are the primary caregivers and educators of young children. Learning at Home focuses on resources and activities that support teachers and families working together to help young children learn and develop. The resources for teachers include guidance and recommendations for partnering with families to support learning at home Activities at Home We know parents and caregivers are home with children during the COVID-19 pandemic and are looking for meaningful learning activities to do together. The 9/11 Memorial & Museum is pleased to offer a number of activities that can teach your children about courage, compassion, resilience, and hope

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Here you can find a wide range of short activities to use in your secondary classroom. All of our activities are designed around themes engaging and relevant to secondary learners and can be used to complement your school curriculum, giving students an opportunity to develop their English language and skills in motivating and enjoyable ways Looking for some fun activities to do while at home? Gather some ingredients and have a blast doing the following simple experiments Science Fun at Home. A collaboration with Science Sparks and the Primary Science Teaching Trust, Science Fun at Home provides simple and engaging practical science activities. Originally created to support learning at home, the activities are equally useful for learning at school. The activities are open ended and adaptable for any age

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  1. STEM activities for the home. These exciting activity collections contain a range of fun, hands-on activities that can be used to engage primary aged children with science, technology, engineering and maths. They require little or no equipment so are ideal for home learning. 50+ primary STEM activities
  2. Keep little hands busy at home with museum puzzles, toys and activities. Build a solar system, excavate for dinosaurs, learn about the human body, or discover the secrets of the natural world in your own backyard. And for the big kids, we've got everything from slow puzzles to conversation menus to keep brains busy. Shop now More from Museums Victoria. Beyond Scienceworks, there are a wealth.
  3. It's fun to be five! Here is our list of favorite kindergarten websites and activities that kids can enjoy at home with their families. We've gathered together learning links and fun activities that will help kids build skills in literacy, math, science, and social studies—plus some that are just for enjoyment
  4. Activity logs and certificates. Activity logbook (PDF 283KB) Students use the activity logbook to track their progress as they watch and participate in the activities each episode. Certificates (PDF 443KB) These certificates can be printed at home to celebrate participation in the program. K-2
  5. Connect with the Museum at Home. On this page, enjoy free activities to download, print, and enjoy at home! Also, scroll down to find a selection of Peanuts coloring sheets.. We invite you to stay connected with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.Share photos of these activities with us by tagging @schulzmuseum or #schulzmuseum
  6. You can access fun footy activities to do at home via our Aussie Rules YouTube channel, including our Auskick at Home series suitable for 5-12 year olds and Footy at Home series suitable for +8 years. Athletics @Home Athletics@Home helps people of all ages to stay fit, active and engaged during this period of unprecedented lockdown around the.
  7. Angie, mom to three very fun kids, is the founder of Real Life at Home. With degrees in elementary education (B.A.) and special education (M.S.Ed.), as well as being a former homeschooler, she is passionate about supporting both parents and teachers by providing printables, crafts, and activities to help children learn and grow

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  1. We know many students are learning at home right now, and hands-on activities are especially important to keep students engaged and learning. Our network of ISS partners has pulled together dozens of no-cost activities for the whole family. After all, we are all in this together. Check out these out-of-this-world activities from our partners and NASA—and keep encouraging students to create.
  2. Playgroup at Home LIVE. Bringing playgroup to life, wherever you are. Jump online and join us for songs, stories and interactive play activities. Each week we will send you an activity sheet so that we can create and play together. WHEN: Tuesday and Friday 10am. AGES: These sessions are suitable for ages 0-5, accompanied by a parent/carer
  3. At-home activities. We're bringing the Oregon Zoo to you on Facebook Live! Go behind the scenes to meet animals and connect with our animal care staff. Tune in for new videos every week on our Facebook page or watch on YouTube. After each live video, come here for at-home ideas to learn more about these animals and how to help them. The activities, developed by our award-winning education team.
  4. Wizarding World: The Official Home of Harry Potte
  5. Oil Water - Science Experiment for kids - Kids Activities at Home |Good Learning Project - Quarantine at home activity - Summer kids indoor activity Things t
  6. Of all the canceled activities, elementary students are probably most disappointed to be missing out on field day. Whether your school has races and ribbons, goes wet and wild, or rents blow-up slides and bouncy houses, field day is a time-honored and beloved tradition. While tug-of-war may be out of the question, there are actually plenty of field day activities kids can do at home. Check out.
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10 At-Home Activities for K-12 Research a particular region of Africa. Select an artwork from the museum's collection and sketch it. Create a superhero based on a work of African art on the museum website. Write the story behind the character or one from the point of view of that particular object. Compose a story from the artist's point of view describing the creation a particular. Try out these fun learning activities for kids to do at home as you get ready to school. It's almost time for kids to go back to school! Learning doesn't have to take place only at school, though. Have fun learning about colors, shapes, letters, and words with these fun educational activities you can do at home To help, we've pulled together some simple, nature-based activities you can enjoy together at home or in your garden. If you're not self-isolating, you can also get some exercise in your local wood. But please don't travel unnecessarily and always follow the Government's social distancing advice to keep yourselves and others safe. 1. Go on a minibeast hunt . Spring is well and truly kicking in.

Inspire Kids To Do Home Activities. 4-H empowers youth with life-skills and knowledge to help them realize their full potential as contributing and productive members of society. Youth, ages 5-18, engage in trusted, research-based projects and experiences offered through community-based club settings as well as in-school and short-term programs Welcome to Stuck at Home Science! When you're stuck at home, come here to continue your child's science learning with easy-to-follow activities. This space is designed for families to explore, investigate and have fun learning together without leaving home. All activities use easy to find household supplies, and are appropriate for a variety of ages Schools across the country are closing due to COVID-19. Susie Allison, creator of Busy Toddler, has suggestions for how to fill the day if your kids are home because of coronavirus concerns

Enjoy science at home! We're bringing the Science Centre to you with DIY experiments, science activities and educational resources Ideas for at home. It's quite easy to incorporate any of these activities at home with a little preparation. Think about which items the child will need and have them at the ready, only put out a small amount (eg just a small amount of butter for spreading in a small dish), and be there to step in to help out when needed. Some ideas for at home A select collection of NASA resources to fill the days and nights while everyone is at home. Straw Rocket: Create a paper rocket that can be launched from a soda straw - then, modify the design to make the rocket fly farther! | › Go to Activity Page. NASA STEM Activities for Families. Launch rockets, build hovercraft, create a winning science project and more. These science, technology.

Start at Home Activities. Extend your Start experience at home with these activities. Toggle image caption. installation view: Ramsay Art Prize 2021 featuring Post-Production by Liam Fleming, 2020; Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide; photo: Saul Steed. Crumpled Forms At Home Activities for Kids Safety Videos See ALL that Frisco Fire Safety Town has to offer! Watch our video. Take a Virtual Tour of our facility. Watch our 2020 Fire Prevention Clown Show online. Check out our collection of 'Safety Minute' videos: Cooking Safety Electrical Safety Clothes Dryer Safety Pedestrian Safety. Fire Clowns Offer Bike Safety Video Message. Printable Activity Book.

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Apple Camp 2021 registration opens with new in-store and at-home activities. The start of summer marks the annual kick off of Apple Camp, a collection of hands-on activities helping kids explore. Virtual & At-Home Learning. Nebraska 4-H offers a variety of live virtually-guided opportunities, on-demand and self-paced experiences, and activity guides. These resources are perfect for school classrooms, afterschool programs, clubs, home school co-ops, and families looking for supplemental learning experiences Royal Alberta Museum 9810 103a Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5J 0G2. Contact U Working with the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the seven PBS stations across Pennsylvania joined together to create Learning at Home, your connection to thousands of hours of education and entertaining videos, activities, lessons, and games to support you. You can find out more at pennsylvaniapbs.org, in addition to our resources below

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